Programmable Storage - Part 1

In this post I´ll go through the basics of how to use ScaleIO-py. Lets start with the Hello World example to demonstrate we can connect to ScaleIO and verify that all is working properly. In order for this to work you should already have a working ScaleIO cluster running.

Hey ScaleIO! Meet ScaleIO-py

ScaleIO-py is a Python module that allow easy interaction with the EMC ScaleIO 1.3+ REST API. The goal is to resemble the ScaleIO API (not in detail) in a Pythonic way (learning as we go). Atm ScaleIO-py is in late Alpha stage and focus will be on getting basic features become stable (especially the to/from API object mapping) before adding fancy functionality.

Welcome to my blog!

Over the past year or so, my role at EMC have changed and I have decided together with Jonas Rosland that it is better to run our own blogs as the name of our old one indicated its was about specific topics. Here I will focus on things that I have a passion for. It will change over time. Thats for sure!